3ality Digital Performs Live 3D Broadcast With Howie Mandel

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  BURBANK, Calif., April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- 3ality Digital hosted today a live 3D demonstration with "Deal or No Deal," host Howie Mandel and the hit show''s executive producer Scott St. John. Led by 3ality Digital''s Steve Schklair, John Modell and Howard Postley, the event was broadcast out of 3ality''s state-of-the-art facility in Burbank from 3:15-3:45pm PDT today, where Mandel, St. John and Imagination Games unveiled a sneak peek of a new game show that they are in negotiations to develop at NBC Television, "Would You Rather?," where contestants are faced with a series of dilemmas in which they must choose what they believe to be the lesser of two evils. The event was a live 3D feed, sent in a single stream via an existing broadcast infrastructure through a satellite transmission, to the NAB "Content Theater," a state-of-the-art digital screening room featuring RealD 3D''s technology where top Hollywood filmmakers and executives reveal how they used new technologies to produce their latest content.

The demonstration highlighted the advanced camera technology created and utilized by 3ality Digital and showed the ease with which production can be accomplished. Such as with live sports, or news broadcasts, the immersive 3D effects heightens the stakes for the viewers and makes them feel in the moment. For this live demo, there was audience interaction with a vote as to which choice the contestant had to make.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with 3ality Digital and to share their excitement and enthusiasm for the 3D format that will change how home entertainment is experienced," said Mandel and St. John in a joint statement. "3ality Digital is taking 3D to another dimension and it''s changed all the things I used to believe about 3D," continued Mandel. St. John added: "As a producer I''m completely blown away by the cameras'' ability to change depth while shooting. Today''s event totally broke through a wall and now allows viewers to be in the game, not just watching it."

"The debut of our groundbreaking technology today displayed the rapid development of 3ality''s advanced image capture and transmission capabilities for live 3D entertainment and sports," stated 3ality Digital CEO Sandy Climan. "This takes fans into a zone where they get to feel what the contestants are feeling. Whether it''s game shows, reality television, or sports, this is the technology of the future, and it''s available today. We look forward to continuing to deliver this kind of quality 3D content to the public."

About 3ality Digital

3ality Digital is one of the world''s preeminent digital 3D production and postproduction companies, rooted deeply in research, technology and production. 3ality Digital uses its advanced proprietary technologies in the development and production of feature films, alternative content (e.g., music, sports) and television in the digital 3D format. Through the leadership of 3ality CEO Sandy Climan, the technical know-how of industry pioneer Steve Schklair and the support of David and John Modell (former owners of the Super Bowl-winning Baltimore Ravens), the "U2 3D" project took root through the vision of entertainment producers Jon and Peter Shapiro. With breathtaking digital 3D visuals and 5.1 Surround Sound, "U2 3D" captures the excitement of a U2 stadium show in a way never before experienced.

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